戶籍紀 Numbers Numbers:Chapter 18
1上主對亞郎說:「你和你的兒子,連你的家族,應與你共同對聖所負責;你和你的兒子,應對司祭職負責。 1And the Lord said to Aaron: Thou, and thy sons, and thy father's house with thee shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary: and thou and thy sons with thee shall bear the sins of your priesthood.
2你也要令你家族的眾兄弟,──肋未支派,與你一同前來;他們應協助你,服事你;當你和你的兒子在約幕前供職時, 2And take with thee thy brethren also of the tribe of Levi, and the sceptre of thy father, and let them be ready in hand, and minister to thee: but thou and thy sons shall minister in the tabernacle of the testimony.
3他們應照料你和全帳幕的事務,但不應接近聖所的器皿和祭壇,不然他們該死,連你們也該死。 3And the Levites shall watch to do thy commands, and about all the works of the tabernacle: only they shall not come nigh the vessels of the sanctuary nor the altar, lest both they die, and you also perish with them.
4他們協助你照料會幕的事務,作會幕的各種勞役,俗人不可接近。 4But let them be with thee, and watch in the charge of the tabernacle, and in all the ceremonies thereof. A stranger shall not join himself with you.
5你們應照料聖所和祭壇的事務,免得義怒降在以色列子民身上。 5Watch ye in the charge of the sanctuary, and in the ministry of the altar: lest indignation rise upon the children of Israel.
6是我由以色列子民中,選拔了你們的兄弟肋未人,交給你們當作獻於上主的人,為給會幕服務。 6I have given you your brethren the Levites from among the children of Israel, and have delivered them for a gift to the Lord, to serve in the ministries of the tabernacle.
7至於你和你的兒子,在有關祭壇和帷幔以內的一切事上,應留心盡你們司祭的職務;你們應獻身於我賜予你們的司祭職務。俗人若敢近前,必處死刑。」 7But thou and thy sons look ye to the priesthood: and all things that pertain to the service of the altar, and that are within the veil, shall be executed by the priests. If any stranger shall approach, he shall be slain.
8上主又對亞郎說:「看,我託你照管獻於我的獻儀,即凡以色列子民祝聖於我的,我都賜給你和你的子孫,作為應得之物,這是永久的權利。 8And the Lord said to Aaron: Behold I have given thee the charge of my firstfruits. All things that are sanctified by the children of Israel, I have delivered to thee and to thy sons for the priestly office, by everlasting ordinances.
9火祭中所剩餘的至聖之物都屬於你;凡他們獻於我的素祭,或贖罪祭,或贖過祭的祭品,都是至聖之物,都應屬於你和你的兒子。 9These therefore shalt thou take of the things that are sanctified, and are offered to the Lord. Every offering, and sacrifice, and whatsoever is rendered to me for sin and for trespass, and becometh holy of holies, shall be for thee and thy sons.
10你們應在至聖之處分食,凡是男子都可以吃;你應視為聖物。 10Thou shalt eat it in the sanctuary: the males only shall eat thereof, because it is a consecrated thing to thee.
11此外歸於你的尚有:凡以色列子民行搖禮所獻的祭品,我都賜給你,你的兒子和與你尚在一起的女兒:這是永久的權利;凡你家內潔淨的人都可以吃。 11But the firstfruits, which the children of Israel shall vow and offer, I have given to thee, and to thy sons, and to thy daughters, by a perpetual law. He that is clean in thy house, shall eat them.
12凡最好的油、酒和五穀,作初熟之物獻給上主的,我都賜給你。 12All the best of the oil, and of the wine, and of the corn, whatsoever firstfruits they offer to the Lord, I have given them to thee.
13凡他們地中的一切出產,作初熟之物獻給上主的,都屬於你;凡你家內潔淨的人都可以吃。 13All the firstripe of the fruits, that the ground bringeth forth, and which are brought to the Lord, shall be for thy use: he that is clean in thy house, shall eat them.
14凡以色列中照禁物法所獻之物,都屬於你。 14Every thing that the children of Israel shall give by vow, shall be thine.
15凡動物中應獻於上主的開胎的首生者,不論是人是獸,都屬於你;但你應叫人贖回首生的人,和首生的不潔之獸。 15Whatsoever is firstborn of all flesh, which they offer to the Lord, whether it be of men, or of beasts, shall belong to thee: only for the firstborn of man thou shalt take a price, and every beast that is unclean thou shalt cause to be redeemed,
16關於贖價,為一月以上的,你應叫人依所定的估價,照聖所的衡量,交五『協刻耳』銀子。(每一『協刻耳』為二十『革辣』。) 16And the redemption of it shall be after one month, for five sicles of silver, by the weight of the sanctuary. A sicle hath twenty obols.
17但是牛或綿羊或山羊的首生者,卻不可令人贖回,因為是聖的;你應將牠們的血灑在祭壇上,將脂肪焚化成煙,作為悅樂上主馨香的火祭。 17But the firstling of a cow and of a sheep and of a goat thou shalt not cause to be redeemed, because they are sanctified to the Lord. Their blood only thou shalt pour upon the altar, and their fat thou shalt burn for a most sweet odour to the Lord.
18至於牛羊的肉卻歸於你,就如搖過的胸脯和右腿歸於你一樣。 18But the flesh shall fall to thy use, as the consecrated breast, and the right shoulder shall be thine.
19凡是以色列子民奉獻與上主為聖物的祭品,我都給你和你的兒子,以及同你尚在一起的女兒:這是永久的權利,這是在上主前,與你的後裔所訂立的永久不變的鹽約。」 19All the firstfruits of the sanctuary which the children of Israel offer to the Lord, I have given to thee and to thy sons and daughters, by a perpetual ordinance. It is a covenant of salt for ever before the Lord, to thee and to thy sons.
20上主對亞郎說:「在你們的土地中,你不可有產業,在他們當中,也不得有屬於你的份子;在以色列子民中,我是你的份子,你的產業。 20And the Lord said to Aaron: You shall possess nothing in their land, neither shall you have a portion among them: I am thy portion and inheritance in the midst of the children of Israel.
21至於肋未的子孫,我將以色列人的什一之物給他們做產業:這是為酬報他們在會幕內所服的勞役。 21And I have given to the sons of Levi all the tithes of Israel for a possession for the ministry wherewith they serve me in the tabernacle of the covenant:
22免得以色列子民接近會幕,負罪死亡; 22That the children of Israel may not approach any more to the tabernacle, nor commit deadly sin,
23因此只有肋未人准在會幕內服役,應負全責。這為你們世世代代是一條永久的條例:肋未人在以色列子民中不應佔有產業, 23But only the sons of Levi may serve me in the tabernacle, and bear the sins of the people. It shall be an everlasting ordinance in your generations. They shall not possess any other thing,
24因為我把以色列子民獻給上主的什一獻儀,給了肋未人作為產業;所以我對他們說:他們在以色列子民中,不應佔有產業。」 24But be content with the oblation or tithes, which I have separated for their uses and necessities.
25上主訓示梅瑟說: 25And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
26「你告訴肋未人說:幾時你們由以色列子民中,取得了我賜予你們作為產業的什一之物,你們應由這什一之物中,取十分之一獻給上主, 26Command the Levites, and declare unto them: When you shall receive of the children of Israel the tithes, which I have given you, offer the firstfruits of them to the Lord, that is to say, the tenth part of the tenth:
27這算是你們的獻儀,好似禾場上的新糧和榨房中的新酒。 27That it may be reckoned to you as an oblation of firstfruits, as well of the barnfloors as of the winepresses:
28這樣你們也由以色列子民所收的一切什一之物中,取一份獻給上主作獻儀,應將這獻與上主的獻儀,交給亞郎大司祭。 28And of all the things of which you receive tithes, offer the firstfruits to the Lord, and give them to Aaron the priest.
29由你們所得的一切獻儀中,應取出獻於上主的一切獻儀,且應取出最好的來,獻作應祝聖的一份。 29All the things that you shall offer of the tithes, and shall separate for the gifts of the Lord, shall be the best and choicest things.
30你再對他們說:幾時你們奉獻了其中最好的一份,其餘的為你們肋未人就如禾場上和榨房內的出品, 30And thou shalt say to them: If you offer all the goodly and the better things of the tithes, it shall be reckoned to you as if you had given the firstfruits of the barnfloor and the winepress:
31你們和你們的家人,可在任何地方分食,因為這是你們在會幕內服役所得的報酬。 31And you shall eat them in all your places, both you and your families: because it is your reward for the ministry, wherewith you serve in the tabernacle of the testimony.
32如果你們奉獻了其中最好的一份,就不致於有罪;你們不應褻瀆以色列子民的祝聖之物,免遭死亡。」 32And you shall not sin in this point, by reserving the choicest and fat things to yourselves, lest you profane the oblations of the children of Israel, and die.





本段记述肋未人所应得的什一之物和所应献的什一之物。本段内所述似乎是最古老的规则,日後稍有变更。见35:1-8;申14:28-29; 26:12。